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Monday, March 7, 2011

Persuasive Techniques: Tips To Impress Your Customers

In every industry, it's important to know how to establish a relationship with customers. It does not matter if you're a butcher, a baker or a candle stick maker; you need to connect with your customers.
It's not at all to do continue reading and I will give you a couple of tips to establish a great working relationship with your customers.
Persuasive Techniques Tip # 1: Never Forget their Name
Remembering your customer’s name is very important. You may take this for granted, but I am sure you have taken offence before when someone has forgotten your name.
While it’s not really possible to memorize the names of every customer that comes in your store, you can at least remember the names of your regular customers.
If you're dealing with customers on the Internet, always make sure you address them by their names when you send them an e-mail.
Persuasive Techniques Tip # 2: Know Your Customers
Getting to know your customers is a great way for you to get ahead of them, and maybe be able to sell them something they did not think about.
A lot of people visit the same restaurants because the staff gets to know there tastes.  It is a smart move on the waiter to know the small things (like no lemon with water). It gives the customer a sense of familiarity.
For example if John goes to his favorite restaurant every Wednesday the staff should greet him by name and try to seat him at a table they know he likes. Most likely he gets the same meal but you mention specials that are close to what he likes, it show you pay attention to his tastes.
Persuasive Techniques # 3: Make Sure They Feel Special
There is nothing that helps more to establish a relationship with your customer better and faster than special treatment. It is more than just remembering their name. You want to give them an experience that nobody else gets.
This could be in the form of special giveaways, discounts, or even free memberships. A great example could be when John comes in, you welcome him (by name) then tell him you are trying out a new appetizer and would like to give him one on the house.
If you make them feel special it will grantee that they will be back.
It is easy to use very subtle persuasive techniques to connect with your customers. It is something that will help you gain a customer for life.

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